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The Arrow Group has developed proprietary techniques, the Arrow Analyses, that effectivelyand efficiently assist managers to formulate and implement marketing, product, brand, and sales strategies. Each Arrow Analysis focuses on one or more steps in the planning process and produces clearly defined decision-related outputs such as planning assumptions or target segments. The analyses are highly systematic and utilize both quantitative and qualitative information. Each analysis is conducted by a team of managers with the facilitation, guidance, and participation of the Arrow Group. Teams usually consist of six to eight managers and may include participants from different functions. Each Arrow analysis requires approximately one to one and a half hours so an entire business plan can be assembled in one or two days of concentrated work.

Many clients from a variety of industries have built their planning process around these analyses. They find that use of the Arrow Analyses:

  • Builds ownership of plans.
  • Utilizes managerial experience and expertise.
  • Encourages candor.
  • Spotlights information gaps.
  • Saves management time by making the planning process more efficient.
  • Facilitates the making of decisions.
  • Results in effective, targeted plans. Creates teams.

Arrow Analyses modules include:

Situation Analysis. Exploration of the competitive environment and identification of key planning assumptions.

Segment Identification Analysis. Examination of recognizable segments, defined both by needs and customer characteristics.

Segment Selection Analysis. Choice of optimal target segments.

Competitive Advantage Analysis. Determination of positioning for product, service, or brand – points of difference (or differential advantages) that can be sustained for a given target market segment.

Perceived Value Analysis. Estimation of perceived value and identification of perceptual gaps to guide pricing and communications decisions.

Life Cycle Analysis. Framework for forecasting sales, margin, and cash flow over the life of a product or service.