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The Arrow Group provides a robust suite of world class offerings all aiming higher for the global pursuit of powerful business, marketing and brand strategies.

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Don Sexton has been working and teaching in China since 1985.

The Arrow Group, Ltd

Don Sexton, Arrow Group founder and Columbia University Professor, provides management development programs worldwide. His award-winning delivery and decades of experience make Arrow Group programs both highly informative and memorable.

Arrow Group has worked with companies all over the globe to provide insights and immediately actionable ideas that drive profitable growth. Practical advice based on years of business and academic experience and the application of systematic methods proven in practice make Don Sexton and Arrow Group an ideal choice for marketing and management consulting.

Customer Value Added is a metric developed by Don Sexton, based on his knowledge of economics, marketing, finance, and statistics and based on his experience working with numerous organizations on their marketing and branding strategies. CVA® enables marketing managers to predict financial return with very high accuracy - learn how.

Don Sexton facilitates workshops where groups of managers make crucial marketing or branding decisions in areas such as targeting and positioning, pricing, and communications. Don Sexton has years of experience as a facilitator and highly-rated instructor. Arrow Group workshops leverage the experience of managers and build ownership among all those involved.