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Additional Arrow Management Development Programs

B2B Marketing (2 days)
Assembling the B2B marketing strategy. Targeting
and positioning. Developing the sales strategy and managing the sales effort. Pricing. Managing over

Managing Communications ROI (1 day)
Evaluating the return on the communications investment and making optimal communications decisions. Estimating and maximizing communications ROI.

Understanding Brand Equity (1 day)
How to build brand equity. The determinants of brand equity. Estimating the value of brands. Determining the return on branding activities. Using communications
and pricing to increase the return on brands.

Marketing Management (5 days)
The changing role of marketing. Customer-driven strategies. Applying customer value and segmentation. Targeting markets. Positioning. Assessing competitors. Managing branding, pricing, personal selling, and advertising. Effective strategies through the competitive life cycle.

Building the Marketing Plan (1 or 2 days)
Workshop focused on developing marketing plans for specific products or services.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction (1 day)
Customer satisfaction and how to manage it with culture, organization, process, and strategy.

Achieving Growth with New Products and Services (2 days)
Managing the stages of the growth process from idea generation to market entry. How to ensure success for new products and services. Building the new venture team.

Winning in the Global Marketplace (1 or 2 days)
Developing world-class marketing strategies for global products and services. Assessing international markets. Examining cultures. Creating the global organization.

Managing Products and Services in Mature
Markets (1 day)

The competitive conditions of mature markets and their implications for strategy.

The Marketing of Services (1 day)
What is special about services. Managing service encounters. Service marketing strategy.

Negotiating for Objectives (1 day)
Understanding alternative negotiation approaches and when and how to use them.

Building Teams That Work (1 day)
What makes an effective team and how to develop an effective team.

Motivating and Managing for Performance
(1 day)

Factors that affect performance. How to motivate and manage people to attain higher levels of performance.

Managing Diversity (1/2 day)
Determinants of culture. Impact of culture. Behavioral simulation on experiencing different cultures.

Dealing with Data (1 day)
A manager's guide to understanding issues in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data.

Financial Analysis for Marketing Managers
(1 day)

Key financial concepts in cost-accounting and capital budgeting for marketers.