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Strategic Sales Management (2 days)

For many companies, management of the sales force is the key to marketing success. This program focuses on how a manager can manage the sales force strategically. The program is unique in that it shows participants both how to develop an effective sales strategy and how to motivate sales people to implement the strategy.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  • Explore how to transform a sales-oriented organization into one that is both marketing and sales oriented.
  • Consider how sales managers and marketing managers can work together to create more powerful strategies.
  • Develop approaches to formulating strategies for the sales manager, district manager, and sales representative that are effective in achieving business objectives.
  • Examine how these different level strategies must be linked.
  • Apply methods for diagnosing territory sales problems.
  • Examine ways to allocate sales effort among products, services, markets, and customers.
  • Learn and employ approaches for managing and motivating sales people to attain levels of superior performance.

Who can benefit

  • Business managers.
  • Product or service managers.
  • Marketing managers.
  • Sales managers.

Teaching Methodology
A variety of teaching techniques are employed, including lecture/discussions, workshop sessions, and case discussions.

The lecture/discussions are designed to provide the participants with a framework for developing marketing and sales strategies. During these highly interactive sessions, many current illustrations from a variety of industries, both industrial and consumer, product and service, are used to make the conceptual points vivid and memorable.

During workshop sessions, participants work in teams to examine specific sales issues such as negotiating with a customer or motivating a sales representative.

Case discussions engage the participants in deeper examination of specific sales problems such as analysis of sales territory problems.