The Arrow Group, Ltd

Aiming Higher for Business

The Arrow Group is dedicated to the global pursuit of powerful business, marketing and brand strategies.

Arrow Has Answers:

Don Sexton and members of the Arrow Group deliver programs and workshops – and can analyze and plan for brand development, marketing strategy, new product launches, sales management, and pricing decisions.

The Arrow Group, Ltd
  • How to estimate the return on your brand-building efforts and the current dollar equity of your brands.
  • Screen new products and services without costly and time-consuming research.
  • Develop targeted and powerful marketing and branding strategies in just a few days –and build ownership so they are implemented with enthusiasm.
  • Evaluate and integrate customer communications to drive business objectives.
  • Get your sales and marketing departments on the same page so they support common strategies and measurable objectives.
  • Understand how pricing works and manage price to increase cash flow and grow or maintain share.
  • Know the financial impact of marketing and branding activities before you take action – achieve steering control over all your marketing decisions.